Centennial Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

Fairness is a top concern of Colorado courts when it comes to Child Custody and Visitation. Divorced people or couples about to separate who have minor children in the home need to keep this in mind when they discuss these important issues. Attorney William S. Schneider has helped hundreds of parents set up agreeable schedules of visitation and child custody arrangements through mediation. This is an excellent way to resolve disputes quickly, and it is more cost-efficient than litigation. The results are also generally more acceptable to the parties involved than are impartial court decisions.

The Law Office of William S. Schneider LLC

At the Law Office of William S. Schneider LLC, Centennial, CO, we encourage parents to be reasonable and keep the best interests of their minor children first when they are deciding child custody and visitation arrangements. William Scott Schneider works closely with clients and uses his excellent knowledge of relationship building to help parents deal with these emotionally charged issues. Fairness for their minor children is a primary goal, as it is easier for children to get through a divorce situation when the adults are cordial and able to continue to work together on parenting.

Several factors enter the child custody and visitation equation, including:

  • Wishes of the parents
  • Wishes of the children
  • Relationship between parents and children
  • Children’s adjustments to home, school and community
  • Maintenance of family relationships with the non-custodial parent and grandparents

Centennial Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

Even when child custody and visitation arrangements have been made by the court or parents, changes may become necessary over time. The court is reluctant to modify these orders once in place, but if there is a substantial change in circumstances, modifications are possible. Moving away from a current location is one change that might require adjustments in these agreements. Job loss or an income change, remarriage and other factors also may warrant modifications.

Our Centennial Child Custody and Visitation Attorney is an excellent mediator, with extensive experience helping parents deal with family law issues. Attorney William S. Schneider has worked as an acclaimed figure skating coach prior to earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado, and Colorado Academy. He graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver’s College of Law in 1995 and started his private law practice. He understands family dynamics and how the stresses of divorce can cause difficulty between parents that could disrupt the lives of minor children.

Family First Legal Representation

Our efforts are always aimed at fairness and the best interests of minor children and their parents. When parents disagree, we encourage mediation as the best alternative for resolving disputes in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

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