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When a couple is divorced or legally separated, one spouse usually is ordered by the Colorado courts to pay the other maintenance money or alimony, for a period of time. The amount and time period is calculated according to a statutory formula. If you are looking at payment of maintenance or alimony, it is wise to contact the Law Office of William S. Schneider LLC, Centennial, CO, to discuss this important and legally binding order process.

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During a marriage or partner relationship, spouses becoming accustomed to a particular lifestyle, based upon their income. If that union is ended by a divorce or legal separation, each spouse still must meet regular expenses. Income flow can become a problem for one or both spouses following a divorce or separation. For this reason, the Colorado courts follow a specific formula that allocates money to an ex-spouse or partner, so they do not experience a drastic change in lifestyle due to lack of money. The alimony or maintenance money is to be paid for a period of time, which allows the ex-spouse to move on with their life without undue financial stress. This period of time also can be used to find new sources of income for when the maintenance/alimony period ends.

Centennial Maintenance/Alimony Attorney

In addition to providing some financial security at an uncertain time of life, maintenance money helps the ex-spouse to pay for their housing, food and other normal expenses. Our Centennial Maintenance/Alimony Attorney works with clients from the Denver Metropolitan Area and outlying counties as they negotiate these payments and he provides them with experienced legal representation in the courtroom.

Attorney William Scott Schneider is an excellent relationship counselor with years of experience helping families. His career background as a figure skating coach combines with studies in Psychology and his Juris Doctorate to expand his skill set as a relationship builder. In his work as a Maintenance/Alimony Attorney, he helps clients and their spouses negotiate maintenance/alimony agreements that are acceptable by the Colorado courts under these new guidelines.

New Colorado Maintenance/Alimony Guidelines

The new guidelines set out time periods for payments and specific percentages of income to be allocated for maintenance and alimony, based on the number of months the couple were married. Attorney William S. Schneider has excellent experience to help clients deal with this part of their divorce; it is important to get strong legal support from our Maintenance/Alimony Attorney before you head into the courtroom about this matter.

Find peace of mind and move forward in your new life today. Turn the legalities and problems over to our experienced Colorado Maintenance/Alimony Attorney today. Contact the Law Office of William S. Schneider LLC, Centennial, CO, and let him work hard on your behalf for this and all Family Law matters. Call now, (720) 729-7738.