Centennial Child Support Attorney

When parents divorce, separate or live apart, one parent may be required to make child support payments to the other. If you need to collect child support from your child’s other parent, or if you are being asked to pay child support, it’s wise to obtain counsel from a qualified child support attorney in order to ensure that your interests are accurately represented.

About Colorado Child Support Law

In Colorado, child support payments are designed to ensure that all children receive adequate medical and financial support from both of their parents. Colorado calculates child support based on the current income of both parents. Calculations also take the amount of time each parent spends with the child into consideration, as well as any work-related childcare expenses or extraordinary medical expenses the parents must pay. In most cases, child support payments must continue until the child in question either turns 19 years old or graduates from high school.

Support Order Modifications

After child support orders are established, the party who must pay support is required by law to make the payments as described in the order. However, modifications to the order may sometimes be possible if either parent’s circumstances change. Examples of circumstantial changes that may warrant a modification of a child support order include:

  • Child’s needs have changed
  • Either parent’s income has changed
  • Childcare needs have changed

Child Support Enforcement

Child support orders are legally binding and enforceable by law. The Colorado Child Support Enforcement Program is responsible for ensuring that parents are meeting their support obligations to their children. Parents who do not meet their obligations may be subject to legal penalties, including garnishments, driver’s license suspension and jail time.

Hiring a Centennial Child Support Attorney

Establishing, modifying and enforcing child support orders can be difficult tasks, especially if both parents cannot come to an agreement. In some cases, the father of the child may even need to take a paternity test before a child support order can be established. If you are involved in a child support case in Centennial or the surrounding area, consulting with a Centennial child support attorney can increase your chances of a satisfactory outcome.

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