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Division of Property can become a heated argument when a couple divorces, but there are good ways to solve this problem at the Law Office of William S. Schneider LLC, Centennial, CO. William has a solid background in psychology, law and relationship building. He has helped hundreds of couples come to fair agreements over division of property when they are divorcing or separating. This can be a very contentious problem to resolve, but Colorado is an “equitable distribution” state, meaning that fairness prevails in the final decisions over property and assets.

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The process of locating assets and determining property ownership is often made more difficult when one or both spouses try to hide those holdings. At the Law Office of William S. Schneider LLC, we have proven methods for finding hidden assets. We do a thorough investigation, using private detectives when needed, and help couples classify property and debts, so a fair division can be made.

The courts step in and classify property and debts according to what is either marital property or separate property. A monetary value is assigned to these assets and debts that are considered marital property. Finally, this list of assets is divided between the two parties so that each receives a fair share. The total amounts may not be equal, but they will be whatever the District Court decides is fair.

Centennial Property Attorney

Coming to grips with division of property can be a stressful process, often accompanied by anger and emotional pain. A couple benefits from getting help from our Centennial Property Attorney to deal with this issue peacefully, through mediation prior to Court. William S. Schneider always encourages people to work out legal matters through mediation, because it is cost-efficient. He has decades of experience helping people work through their relationship disputes, so they come to better decisions.

Married couples and partners bring individual assets and property into their union; they also work together as a couple to accumulate even more. If they later decide to part ways through divorce or separation, the court will step in to help determine which assets and property are individual and which are jointly owned. Some spouses facing a divorce try to hide assets in an attempt to keep more for themselves, or in a wrongful attempt to financially hurt their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Colorado courts are very strong about fairness; you need a good Centennial Property Attorney on your side to protect your interests and to uncover hidden assets and property.

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Seeking legal advice and representation from an experienced and honest attorney is your best first move. For all issues related to divorce or separation, contact the Law Offices of William S. Schneider LLC, Centennial, CO. Call now to discuss these matters with an honest legal advocate who wants to protect your interests, (720) 729-7738.